5G and security surveillance camera


The security industry mainly includes video surveillance, burglar alarm, intelligent access control, infrared perimeter alarm and electronic fence. Among them, video surveillance is an important part of the entire security field, with a volume of 49%, and other subsystems of security need basic video. The combination of monitoring systems can play their own functions. What’s important is that video surveillance covers the main data transmission and edge-end links in the entire security industry. 5G is obviously to solve these problems. The 5G* surveillance camera at the edge is undoubtedly a good application deployment point for the security industry.
In February of this year, the Economic and Information Technology Bureau issued a 5G industrial development action plan in 2019 and 2022. It is proposed that by 2022, Beijing operators’ 5G network investment will accumulate more than 30 billion yuan, and the plan proposes to focus on five major applications in five major scenarios. Security monitoring is one of the key application requirements.
Recently, the 5G surveillance camera was installed on the communication base station tower of the west bank of Liangshui River in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The first 5G surveillance pilot in the region was officially launched, and 5G* ultra-high-definition cameras were deployed in applications such as security monitoring.
It is understood that the 5G surveillance camera deployed in the Economic and Technological Development Zone is based on the China Mobile 2.6GHZ frequency band 5G communication network combined with 4K camera, and the monitoring personnel can monitor the clear picture of the Liangshui River through the mobile phone terminal in real time. In addition, according to the relevant personnel of the Development Zone Information Office, the future development zone will carry out large-scale construction of 5G networks in public areas, and add more 5G cameras to enhance the temporary monitoring capability of the development zone.

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