Smart front camera


In recent years, many companies that started with algorithms, including Horizon Shenjian Technology and Yunzhisheng, have cut into the AI ​​chip market. The trend behind this is that the maturity of AI algorithms continues to increase, and software and hard integration solutions, including chips, tend to perform better and cost less than just optimization algorithms.
The cost reduction will promote the universal application of smart front-end cameras in engineering projects such as Xueliang Engineering, and also promote the intelligent video surveillance in more areas except security. For example, in an unmanned supermarket, the high cost of purchasing and installing cameras and the high cost of landing is a major reason for landing. If the cost of video processing and analysis is greatly reduced, this will impress retail customers who have had concerns in the past.
The energy consumption and performance problems that are plaguing the industry are also being solved. Take the questcore released as an example, the security power of the security camera is only 30% of the NVIDIA GPU P4, and the visual reasoning performance can reach the mainstream similar products. 2 to 5 times. It’s not a good start.
All in all, whether it is the four small dragons or the AI ​​companies such as Horizon Shenjian Technology, they have begun to grasp both soft and hard. It can be seen that in the current competitive environment, the competition in the security industry has evolved from technical competition to realization of landing and even multi-industry synchronization. development of.

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