Precautions when monitoring camera purchase


Surveillance cameras are indispensable in this era. They can be seen in many places. Many times we need to use surveillance cameras ourselves, but how to choose them has become the first problem that many people need to solve. Today we Just talk about the considerations for surveillance camera purchase options.

First of all, you need to know the range you want to monitor. For example, indoor or outdoor, you need to install a protective cover. It is a small space. For example, a hemispherical camera can be used in an elevator. Long and narrow space, such as a channel available for a gun or a wide space, such as a fast-ball camera available in the square.
Secondly, according to the lighting situation of the monitoring site, consider whether the infrared camera has no visible light at night, whether there is a backlight to suppress the local partial illumination contrast, and the mode simulation of the captured video signal or the number, depending on the mode of the back-end processing platform. And set. Of course, price is also an important factor.
Of course, there are more detailed considerations. For example, if you want to buy an indoor wireless surveillance camera, you should pay attention to the fact that there is no WIFI in the environment you install. The smart home network cameras on the market are divided into two types, one is the intelligent network shaking machine. The other is the intelligent network card machine. These two are remotely monitored by mobile phone. You don’t need to buy a hard disk recorder, but you can install the memory card to record. The remote connection is also very convenient. The appearance and function are different. It depends on your usage requirements to purchase.

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