Introduction to the function of the home camera


Speaking of home cameras, I believe most people still know more about it. After all, the functions are more common. The functions of almost all cameras include
24-hour monitoring and recording The home is monitored 24 hours a day while keeping the power on. However, the 24-hour surveillance currently on the market is mostly 24-hour event monitoring. The video will only be turned on when the camera detects an abnormality in the picture.
However, there are also some conscience companies, such as the camera series, regardless of the abnormality of the monitoring screen, 24 hours a day will be monitored and recorded and saved, users can directly view.
Remote viewing and monitoring After you have connected your mobile phone app, you can log in to the camera remotely through your mobile phone to check the situation at home. Some PTZ cameras can also use the mobile phone to operate the camera to turn the angle of view and observe the corners.
Night Vision Nowadays, some home smart cameras have night vision functions for home security reasons, and the night vision effect is getting better and better.
Voice interaction Many cameras have built-in microphones and amplifiers, which can realize one-way video two-way voice communication through the camera and remote.
Cell phone push alarm Whether it is sound or action, once an abnormal situation occurs in the home, the camera will send a mobile phone message to alert you.
From a functional point of view, in addition to the above basic functions, the home smart camera of about 1,000 yuan is actually added with some high-tech AI technology functions.
Image Tracking When an abnormal moving object occurs in the lens, the camera will move the lens to track the moving object. For example, when an illegal intruder breaks in, the camera will intelligently capture the position of the moving object in the picture and turn the lens to this position. When the person moves in front of the lens, the camera lens will rotate with it.
Sound Positioning Tracking The camera has a built-in sensor that senses the surrounding sound. Once an abnormal sound is heard, the camera will recognize the sound position and turn the lens to track the sound, and simultaneously send an alarm message to the user’s mobile phone.
Face Recognition Some high-end cameras also have built-in face recognition, which not only recognizes strangers, but also focuses on the dynamics of a member of the family.

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