Where can the fisheye camera be used?


Fisheye camera location application
1 Only need to monitor the entire situation of the entire site, no need for details, such as a wide range of public places traffic pivot traffic intersection. In these occasions, it is only necessary to install a camera at the commanding height to realize panoramic monitoring. At this time, a fisheye camera can be used to meet the panoramic monitoring in one place.
2 In the monitoring area with special attention to detail, at the same time, no dead angle monitoring, such as bank supermarkets. In these places where robbery and security incidents are prone to burglary, the suspect’s crime path.
3 It is not only necessary to monitor the overall situation, but also to highlight special circumstances. Early warnings are used to capture the scenes of the incidents. This has the basic functions of the panorama and achieves the key effects at the same time. It is also a feature, and at the same time realizes the monitoring effect and cost. .

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