How to protect personal privacy in the era of smart cameras


Along with the surge in home monitoring companies, the resulting problems with home monitoring products have become more serious. The official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a risk warning on the quality and safety of smart cameras. Among the 40 batches tested, 32 batches of samples have quality safety hazards, which may lead to user surveillance video being leaked, or the smart camera being maliciously controlled. . How can we protect our privacy in the era when this smart camera has entered the age of thousands of households?

To this end, when we purchase such smart camera equipment, we must first purchase from the formal channels, do not buy three no products, pay attention to the relevant product quality information issued by the authoritative department; secondly, it is to enhance the awareness of privacy information protection, in the purchase When using smart camera products and receiving related services, carefully review the relevant instructions and manufacturer’s statements, fully understand the functions of the products and services, pay attention to and prevent the risk of user information leakage, and carefully consider the vendor’s collection and use of user information. Request, make purchase and selection decisions based on your actual situation and wishes. The third is to modify the default password of the smart camera before use. The password setting should have a certain complexity and be modified regularly. Finally, the smart camera operating system version and related mobile applications are updated in time, and the abnormality should be stopped immediately and the production should be stopped. Vendor feedback, waiting for the manufacturer to fix.
In fact, cracking the password of the smart camera into the relevant system. Stealing or broadcasting the surveillance content of the smart camera has already become an illegal industrial chain. Entering the camera crack on the Internet, you can jump out of a lot of related text chain information, and even someone will ask you if you need to scan the software, and claim that the scanning software can break the IP address of the camera and input the cracked IP address into the playback software. Will not be noticed. So the question is, how do these black products get the IP address of the smart camera?
In this regard, security experts also give the answer, the general seller provides these scanning software mainly rely on the scanner, with a few weak passwords for a wide range of scanning, such as user or admin, etc. is extremely simple or even the factory default password. Seriously, not only individual users, but also the public cameras used for urban management traffic monitoring, there are a lot of problems that can be opened with weak passwords, and the number of related devices is huge.

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