Smart home camera


Smart light bulbs and security cameras are smart home devices that are very common today, but the functions of the two are completely different and there is basically no intersection. But now, a device that combines the two into one is in front of us. It is called LightCam.

LightCam is first a smart light bulb, but it also has a built-in camera, so it can be used as a security camera. Compared to a normal security camera, LightCam is much simpler to install because you don’t have to look for a fixed mounting location, just screw it into the light bulb socket.

LightCam supports standard lamp sockets and can be installed to provide lighting and monitoring. It’s also very simple to set up, just download the companion app, scan the QR code, and connect it to the Wi Fi network.

The design of the light bulb itself is very low-key, and it is not obvious with any lighting. Because it is inherently protective, it is not a problem for outdoor use.

The LightCam is equipped with a 1080p HD camera that supports infrared night vision and 360-degree free rotation, allowing you to change the viewing angle at will. Like the same type of product, it also has a built-in motion sensor that sends a notification to the user when an anomaly is detected. In addition, it has speakers and a microphone to let you communicate with your visitors or family anytime, anywhere.

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