Security camera and self-driving car


According to reports, Intel CEO predicted that if the security camera is used as a security camera, the number of self-driving cars may double.

Intel self-driving cars can fight crime

Companies that invest in autonomous driving technology claim that autonomous driving can reduce the frequency of traffic accidents. Now Intel gives specific instructions on how to drive a car to fight crime.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich predicts that the number of self-driving cars may double if used as a security camera.

When he was interviewed by reporters in the Code Conference in California, he said that I always said that as a car, I should stay outside. The self-driving car will have certain recognition ability for other vehicle license plates, so that when an emergency occurs, the car will automatically drive. The license plate of the problem vehicle can be recorded in the first time, and then help for subsequent actions.

In addition, the camera equipped with the self-driving car will be used as a live scene to record crimes such as robbery and murder, and the film taken will help determine the responsibilities of the parties involved in the traffic accident.

It has been pointed out that the automatic monitoring and recording of crimes by autonomous vehicles requires special programming. The realization of these functions may mean that the authorities can directly access the instrument data center of self-driving cars, which will inevitably lead to privacy. Worried about being violated. However, Kozianik said he believes the issue will be resolved.

He said that we will limit the authorities’ access to vehicle information, and we will encrypt the data to ensure that the authorities are unable to identify the owner of the vehicle.

Intel has not launched a zero-based automotive R&D program that provides hardware and software support for autonomous driving. It’s worth noting that many autopilot prototypes are now labeled with Intel Inside on a global scale.

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