Microsoft security camera and drone


At the Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced that Microsoft will enter into a partnership with Qualcomm.

Microsoft Qualcomm cooperation security camera

Nadella said that Microsoft and Qualcomm will jointly launch a home security camera this year. This product deploys the Microsoft AI model, which can interact and calculate locally. At the same time, the cloud can update the Microsoft AI model from time to time to better distinguish it. Alarm situation.

The cooperation with Dajiang is that Dajiang will launch the Window 10 SDK for its drones this year. Developers can use Microsoft development tools to develop software for Dajiang UAVs and apply UAV data to agriculture.

Dajiang UAV will access Microsoft Azure IoT Edge service

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge will also be used in the DJI UAV, the Microsoft AI model in the system can make the whole process of computing more intelligent.

Nadella added that over 230 companies including Schneider Starbucks have applied Azure IoT Edge to more than 2,000 fields in the past year. Azure Edge has more than 50 teams deployed worldwide and has more than 9 billion compute nodes.

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