Advantages and disadvantages of office monitoring installation


With the development of the society, many enterprise units have to install monitoring in the company’s studios, monitor the employees’ work activities and work specifications in the studio, so that the staff has the feeling of being supervised by the eyes, and feels uncomfortable in their manners. Once, it was manually handled, and now it is monitored by monitoring equipment. For this reason, many people have different insights into the monitoring and installation of the studio. The boss is happy, the employees are worried, is the studio monitoring installation good or not? Is there any intrusion in personal privacy? The following small series summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of several monitoring installations for everyone to see

???1 monitoring the advantages of the installation system, the general studio staff are more, sometimes go out or leave the seat, out of the guardian heart, install a monitoring, theft will be reduced, the most important thing is in the event of theft, the first time Find thieves, do not have to suspicion each other, damage the feelings of colleagues inside the staff, responsibility to the individual; the studio is the home of the operation, the boss installs monitoring, is for the office staff to work hard, do not play games during work hours, lazy, online shopping, etc. Not in the scope of work, the installation of monitoring in the office can reduce the inertia of the staff, help the staff self-discipline, self-awareness, and then improve work efficiency.

?????In this regard, some corporate operations staff indicated that the studio monitoring installation is not to monitor the private life of employees, but to facilitate the work. The relevant laws and regulations indicate that there is no specific decree in the country to negate the problem of camera and video setting. The act of the employer installing the camera in the workplace does not exist by itself and constitutes aggression against the privacy of employees, but this does not mean The employer is free to use the camera. And, the camera of the device has certain restrictions.
???First of all, the unit installs monitoring in the work area, and needs to explain to the company staff early, if the studio monitoring installation does not let the staff know that it is infringing the employee’s privacy rights.
????Secondly, monitoring should be limited to office and office hours. The content of monitoring is limited to the operation of the enterprise. In private places such as bathroom locker rooms, monitoring cannot be installed, otherwise it will be attributed to infringement.

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