What equipment is needed to monitor maintenance


1 Spare parts In general, each system must be built with a corresponding spare parts library. It mainly stores some important equipment that is not easy to repair immediately after damage, such as camera lens monitors. In the event of failure of these devices, the system may not function properly and must be replaced in a timely manner. Therefore, a certain number of spare parts must be available, and the inventory of the spare parts library must be continuously updated according to the equipment maintenance and the operating cycle of the equipment.

2 Accessories Qi Accessories are mainly the additional configuration of various discrete components and modules in the equipment, which can be prepared more, mainly for the maintenance of equipment. Commonly used accessories mainly include various integrated circuit chips and various circuit discrete components required by the circuit. Other larger devices must be configured with certain functional modules for emergency use. In this way, after maintenance, a small investment can be used to generate good benefits, and a large amount of equipment for updating equipment can be saved.

3 Tools and testing instruments must be equipped with frequent maintenance tools and maintenance instruments, such as various pliers screwdrivers, electric pens, electric iron tape, multimeter oscilloscopes, etc., and should be added whenever necessary. Make your own test load such as analog load

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