How to choose the power supply of the surveillance camera


The surveillance camera is marked with DC12V AC24V universal. What kind of power supply should I choose? Please select AC24V power supply, because the same transmission distance, the higher the voltage, the smaller the loss, the lower the cost of the line, and the load can get a relatively sufficient voltage. Since the AC 24V is used, when the camera is debugged, the power supply synchronization can be selected, so that the image field frequency of different devices in the entire monitoring system can be kept synchronized, and the same type of power supply can be used with the equipment such as the cloud platform in the system. The most taboo of the power supply is that all the cameras in the system share a parallel high-power power supply. The reason is that when the system is repaired, it is often necessary to turn on and off the power. When the power is turned on, all the cameras start at the same time, and the starting current is particularly large. The impact is very high, and the power will burn out seriously. When the power supply fails, the whole system is paralyzed. In particular, if some important entrances and exits cannot be monitored and cause unnecessary losses, what should be the correct approach? As in the above example, a commercial building has 100 fixed cameras, which require a total of about 800W of power. The correct configuration should be 4 sets of 200W each. In this way, when a power supply fails, it can be connected to other normal working power supplies, which will not affect the operation of the entire system. What problems should be paid attention to when selecting the camera power supply? First When connecting the camera to the power supply, do not connect the camera with a far distance to the camera with a close distance to the same power supply. If connected to the same power supply, the power supply voltage is high, it will burn a close-range surveillance camera, the power supply is low, and the camera far away has no image. Cameras that are farther away should be connected to the same A power supply, and the closer cameras should be connected to the same B power supply. Second, if the monitoring distance is too far, you need to configure a higher voltage power supply, such as 30V, 36V, 48V, etc., even directly for 220V AC, to the front end and then use a small power supply, third; the small power supply is placed as much as possible Beside the camera, there is no need to lose power. Fourth, if the camera is used outdoors, please use professional outdoor waterproof monitoring power supply.

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