Jewelry store security layout


The change of the business model procurement method, the safety and management methods of the jewelry industry are facing severe challenges, especially in the cross-province direct-operated stores and franchise stores. It is very difficult for managers to know the situation of each branch in time. It is costly to get the data you want, but there is no coordinated management at the headquarters and it is easy to affect the sales of each branch. With the increasing competition in the industry, traditional video surveillance systems have been unable to meet the management needs of shops. A cross-regional remote video surveillance system for jewelry stores has become an indispensable tool for chain managers to analyze daily behavior and security.

Jewelry Security Solutions

Security risks
1 Jewelry products are expensive in value and have hidden potential safety hazards.

2 Cross-provincial jewelry stores and franchisees, it is difficult for managers to understand store management and operation and maintenance in real time.

3 Jewelry store monitoring service providers are noisy, there is no unified brand and centralized monitoring and dispatching center.

4 Jewelry store safety precautions are not in place, employees, customers and accidents are likely to lead to property safety hazards.

5 Traditional monitoring is human eye monitoring, and the efficiency is relatively low. It takes time and effort to obtain evidence.


Jewelry Group has a large number of branches and a wide geographical distribution. This flexible and large sales network has greatly improved the company’s sales performance and brand awareness. At the same time, because of the high value of its products, there are certain hidden dangers in the exhibition. Young people have developed a set of real-time monitoring management in various chain stores across the country. The remote video surveillance system of the entire jewelry store is installed in dozens of branch stores in the subordinates according to its functions. According to the actual needs of customers, the camera is installed in the place to be monitored. Usually in the following places, the checkout counter, the financial office, the warehouse, the office lobby, etc., are installed with camera monitoring.

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