What are the needs of the campus video surveillance system?


The campus video surveillance system mainly includes the following requirements.

Campus Security Solutions

Security risks
1 The internal terrain of the school is complex and the route is difficult to lay.

2 In recent years, test fraud has occurred continuously, causing very bad influence in the society, which has seriously affected the reputation and reputation of the school.

3 There are frequent incidents of robbery and school violence on campus, and security management cannot keep up.

4 The boundaries between campus and society are blurring and the surrounding environment is becoming more and more complex. The management norms are not perfect; the security awareness is poor.

5 Students have a poor sense of self-protection, and the mobility of outsiders is large, the number of safety management personnel is small, and the scope of inspection is small.


Combined with the current situation of the use of campus video surveillance system administrators in schools around the country, the campus network video surveillance system we provide provides an advanced technology prevention platform for school security. The effective combination of video surveillance system and fire alarm perimeter perimeter protection and campus network provides important prevention and control measures for the campus.

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