The application of digital network monitoring system in social life


As the pace of life in urban towns has gradually increased, the large-scale hotels with complete functions and complete supply have gradually replaced traditional hotels and hotels, and have entered the life of urbanites, becoming an important place for urban residents to consume. To win in the fierce competition, we can’t rely on simple price wars. This will only make the business lose both. Only by reducing the marketing cost and branding, we will establish a good image and create a safe and comfortable environment for customers. It is possible to achieve good results. Therefore, the hotel must be equipped with a complete set of network monitoring system to solve problems such as security hazard control management in hotel operations. At present, digital network monitoring systems have been widely used in bank museums, government agencies, and residential communities.

Hotel security solutions

Security risks
1 The original network monitoring system of the hotel is mostly analog, and the recording method has a long delay. The video will consume a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Video playback retrieval operations are particularly complicated.

2 The population of the hotel is highly mobile and the capital is highly liquid. It is easy for criminals to wait for an opportunity to commit crimes, endangering personal safety and property safety.

3 The hotel has no dead angle in all directions, and the cost of monitoring the location is high.

4 Hotels are generally security guards conducting security inspections, which are prone to inevitable negligence due to human factors.


Establish a safe and reliable security technology prevention system in the hotel, according to the relevant regulations, combined with the requirements of the big hotel, in accordance with the provisions of the public security department, design this program. As the main body of the hotel security system – TV monitoring system, The design selects the digital monitoring system, which can realize the linkage with the access control and the anti-theft alarm system without adding other equipment. The system software has powerful functions, simple operation, high reliability, high anti-interference ability and strong monitoring methods. Have a strong network function.

Solution advantages
1 Hotel Outer Hotel Square of the hotel Parking lot Wall perimeter, generally use color low-light camera, if the night light is very dark, you can use infrared camera, depending on the site to choose a fixed camera or omni-directional camera with a cloud.

2 The lobby and front desk of the hotel are equipped with a full range of color HD cameras, and the front desk uses color HD fixed cameras.

3 Hotel elevators and elevators on each floor Elevator uses a wide-angle color elevator camera, and the elevator port uses a color HD dome camera.

4 The corridor of the hotel uses a hemisphere or gun-type color camera.

5 Hotel Finance Room Select a miniature color infrared integrated camera.

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