Arrangement requirements for scenic area security monitoring system


With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, tourism has become one of the choice activities for people’s daily entertainment and leisure, and it also drives the economic development of related industries. However, China’s tourism industry has not developed for a long time, and the corresponding infrastructure and technical prevention measures are still relatively weak. As a result, various tourism disputes and casualties have brought serious tests to the development of the tourism industry. The video surveillance system of the scenic spot contains the following requirements.

Scenic security solution

Security risks
1 During the holiday time, due to the large traffic volume of tourist personnel, it is very difficult to prevent safety in the tourist area.

2 The safety management work is all completed by the management personnel of the tourist area, and the staffing and workload cannot be solved in a short time.

3 The motives of tourists’ travels determine the tourists’ poor safety awareness, poor safety behavior and the expansion of tourism safety risks.

4 Most of China’s tourist attractions have not yet established a sound security system, lacking the necessary security protection facilities, and the safety management work is not implemented in daily management.

5 Tourism safety accidents caused by human factors such as aging of tourist facilities and operational errors have emerged endlessly.


Maintaining a safe and stable tour order, ensuring the safety of tourists’ lives, the safety of national landscape garden resources, no major vicious cases, major fires and major safety responsibility incidents affecting social stability. Strict implementation of national laws and regulations on garden landscapes, according to law Protect the construction and management of garden scenic spots and resources, and timely discover and deal with the behaviors that damage nature and human landscapes. The scenic spot puts on a video surveillance system to effectively improve the safety of tourists and provide a strong guarantee for the safe work of the tourist area.

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