How to arrange security monitoring system in chain stores


In recent years, chain stores have mushroomed and developed rapidly. The open business model of the chain stores brings great convenience to the customers, and it also gives the criminals a chance to take advantage of them. The phenomenon of shoplifting has been repeatedly banned, and the vicious incidents of looting and robbery at night have also occurred from time to time. There are significant hidden dangers of property and personnel safety for the operation of chain stores.

Chain store security solutions

Security risks
1 Store staff activities are frequent, and unattended at night, with great security risks and inconvenient management features.

2 With the rapid development of the store, the number of storefronts of the scale of operation is constantly expanding, and the management difficulty of each chain store is becoming more and more difficult. It is necessary to invest more time and energy to the store to understand the work situation of the employees. Situation logistics status and so on.

3 Chain stores bring convenience to people at the same time, and there are also many security risks in the store operation. These security vulnerabilities often bring unforeseen losses to the operation of chain stores, such as the safe criminals of the stolen goods in the store. Interference with the impact of the storefront environment, etc.


Today, in the chain store’s increasingly demanding video surveillance, we have further analyzed its video surveillance needs according to the characteristics of the chain stores. We believe that in the number of monitoring equipment and systems installed on the storefront, chain store owners are often based on subjective evaluation of store size. The operating conditions and needs are determined, and the investment is relatively small. Therefore, the demand for monitoring is mainly based on a small monitoring system, which can meet the functions of on-site monitoring records and inquiries, and the price is cheap. The function is moderate, and the cost-effective visual monitoring equipment can meet the needs of the owner.

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