Konka’s expansion in the intelligent video security business


Through the extension of the Internet business, Konka has created a new world of smart products in addition to the hardware manufacturing of the housekeeping. It not only finds a new business income model, but also complements the family market that it has been focusing on.

Konka has spent a lot of time on home smart cameras, and can also see his determination to enter new areas. In the overall planning, Konka Smart is aiming at the layout of the entire smart home ecosystem chain. Konka has a high level of confidence and has high hopes for *home smart cameras, and hopes to use the egg of Konka to shake the entire smart home market.

The head of Konka’s smart products said that Konka’s smart home strategy has been laid out for a long time. Choosing this opportunity to speak out is because Konka is ready to enter the field with confidence.

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