Egg smart camera


Yes, Konka made an egg this time. This egg is a home smart camera. I believe that people who see SmartEgg* will be attracted by its unique and cute shape, which is very memorable.

????It is said that the ingenuity of the Konka home smart camera is inspired by Da Vinci’s painted eggs. The cute and cute appearance is very suitable for the family, especially for children.

????Konka will position this home smart camera in a home application, in addition to the 2 million high-definition picture quality WIFI wireless connection plug-and-play two-way voice intercom pan/tilt control precision motion detection infrared switch remote monitoring and many other advantages, this egg The core feature of the Egg Smart Camera* is the safe and green design concept from the inside out.

????The smartEgg smart camera egg-shaped design is sleek, angular and mesh-free. It is stable and avoids scratching by adults. At the same time, Konka’s smart home camera is made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly ABS material. Therefore, it is especially suitable for elderly children and infants.

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