The significance of security cameras for residential safety


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the security needs of living have gradually become a focus of attention. People’s living environment is no longer confined to the comfort of the community. The decoration of the residential building has become more and more concerned about the security management of the community. With the improvement of living standards, the vehicle retention rate continues to rise, and the resulting parking parking management has also become an important part of residential property management. Under this trend, the importance of community monitoring has become increasingly prominent.

1 Deploy the entire monitoring system when designing the community monitoring
The monitoring system is a systematic electronic device. You must ask a qualified installation company to design the wiring. When looking for a qualified unit, you must consider all aspects, where to install it, and monitor it in every corner. Go to key places, but not infringe on the privacy of the owners

2 Set up a special monitoring room to purchase reliable equipment
The monitoring room needs to be set up specially. It is usually located at the security of the door. There is a special room. The monitoring room must be equipped with a monitor computer. The monitoring status of each camera must be transmitted to the screen of the computer in time. Camera condition. The monitoring equipment is installed outside and needs to be blown by the wind and rain. Therefore, the installation must be firm and the quality must be reliable. Especially the camera requires high precision. It must be equipped with night vision and can take the face of the person within 25 meters. Clear face, equal to the white is also installed.

3 The monitoring room must be staffed 24 hours a day.
The monitoring of the community is for the security of the community, and the thief murderers generally act many nights. If the monitoring room is not attended, it is equal to losing control and cannot play a security role. The monitoring room must arrange people to be on duty, and establish a monitoring room management system. It is found that the monitoring personnel are out of order and the security personnel immediately dispatched.

4 Specify the time for surveillance camera to save
Surveillance cameras should be stored for a certain period of time, such as one month a week, longer if necessary, so that when a cell is stolen, the surveillance file can be adjusted; the location of the surveillance camera must be kept secret to prevent internal personnel from exploiting the vulnerability to do bad things.

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