Millet home security camera


Xiaomi’s eco-chain company Xiao ant has released a new home security camera, which Xiao y calls a card camera. The new product uses 1080P screen, adding new baby crying monitoring and other functions, priced at 169 yuan.

????The new smart camera has been upgraded from the original 720P to 1080P. In addition to the improved resolution, the new product also enhances the night vision function. With 14mil0.9W infrared fill light, it can release 940nm red-free infrared light, and the night vision picture is clearer. .

Small ant new smart camera 1080P support baby crying recognition

????The new product has added a picture correction chip to adjust the wide-angle lens picture to the normal picture.

????The 1080P small ant camera optimizes the motion detection algorithm, which improves the accuracy and solves the false positives to some extent. At the same time, the baby crying monitoring is added. When the baby crying wavelength is detected, the notification will be pushed to the parent mobile phone.

????The new product supports two-way voice calls, supports two modes of intercom and talk, and debugs the microphone and speaker to make the sound reproduction better. At the same time, it supports simultaneous recording of dual streams in terms of image quality, which can be switched between image quality and fluency.

????The product also supports SD card cloud storage and router backup, and supports dual-channel simultaneous viewing on the mobile PC side.

????The 1080P card type small ant camera sells for 169 yuan, of which the double 12 promotion price is 128 yuan.

????In addition, the small ant also released a smart hard disk recorder for merchants or large-area multi-camera users, supporting two USB interfaces HDMI and network cable interface.

????This product supports multiple small ant cameras to connect at the same time, and can also directly store content in the hard disk recorder in the hard disk recorder through the router. You can also customize a variety of recording methods to support multi-channel simultaneous monitoring and playback.

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