Principle and imaging effect of megapixel HD camera


Traditional analog cameras are not satisfied with HD image acquisition requirements, and HD has become the mainstream of today’s video surveillance. To achieve high-definition video surveillance, high-definition cameras are indispensable, and megapixel high-definition network camera products have emerged. This article briefly analyzes the principle and imaging effects of a megapixel HD camera.
Megapixel HD camera refers to an HD camera based on IP network transmission. Taking the formation of an ordinary high-definition network camera as an example, the lens is included in the infrared cut-off filter image sensor clock synchronization and image processing code to compact the motherboard power supply and I O network interface board.
Among all the formed components, the most important is the image sensor, and its excellent index directly affects the consequences of the HD network camera. At present, most HD network cameras on the market adopt CMOS as the photosensitive element, but compared with the CCD sensor, its application on the HD network camera has the upper hand.

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