How to solve the security and privacy issues of smart cameras


Recently, there have been incidents of intelligent surveillance cameras for hacking homes, resulting in exposure and disclosure of privacy information. For example, a woman in Taiwan, because of hacking, led to the bathing process, and the live process was broadcast live by the network, which brought indelible harm to the soul.

This kind of incident is not the first time, but at present, the use of intelligent surveillance cameras for personal households in the mainland is not too large, and it has not received widespread attention from consumers. Many people even regard it as a joke after a meal. As everyone knows, in the future, life is constantly intelligent, and such events are likely to happen to them.

Smart cameras are only part of the surveillance security system

Some people say that hackers can frequently invade the surveillance security system, mainly because the home uses simple intelligent surveillance cameras that rely on Android or IOS systems. These two systems are not tight enough to monitor security, thus causing risk damage. But the author does not think so, because the security security system has also been invaded before the advent of the Android system. It is obviously wrong to attribute all the problems to the existing intelligent system.

However, the smart operating system is indeed a hidden danger. Especially with Android products, because Android has a very high openness, it is more serious to be invaded and hurt. If you want the most rigorous home security monitoring, then development for protection is still necessary.

Daily maintenance management of equipment is very important

Establishing a good home security system, equipment is just one aspect. It is not really equipped with security equipment to make the home environment safe. We also need to inspect and adjust the equipment from time to time to maintain and manage the problems encountered. Only then can our family become safer.

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