Security video surveillance bit rate Introduction of code stream and other nouns


Security Video Surveillance Bit Rate What is the upstream bandwidth of the code stream?

Bit rate
The bit rate is the number of bit bits transmitted per second. The relationship between bit rate and audio and video compression is simply that the higher the bit rate, the better the quality of the audio and video, but the larger the encoded file; if the bit rate is less, the opposite is true.

Code stream
Code Stream DataRate refers to the data traffic used by video files in unit time, also called code rate, which is the most important part of picture quality control in video coding. At the same resolution, the larger the code stream of the video file, the smaller the compression ratio and the higher the picture quality.

Upstream bandwidth
The upstream bandwidth is the bandwidth of the locally uploaded information to the network. The uplink rate refers to the data transmission rate when the user computer sends information to the network. For example, uploading files to the Internet using FTP, the upload speed affects the uplink rate.

Downstream bandwidth
Downstream bandwidth is the bandwidth from which information is downloaded from the network. The downlink rate refers to the data transmission rate when the user computer downloads information from the network. For example, the file is downloaded from the FTP server to the user’s computer, and the downlink speed is affected by the downlink speed.

Note that the bandwidth of the monitoring point is to require the uplink minimum bandwidth monitoring point to upload the video information to the monitoring center; the bandwidth of the monitoring center is to require the downlink minimum bandwidth to download the video information of the monitoring point to the monitoring center; for example, the telecom 2Mbps ADSL broadband The 50-meter infrared camera theoretically has an upstream bandwidth of 512 kbps = 64 kb s and a downstream bandwidth of 2 Mbps = 256 kb.

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