What are the security system software features?


System software function
1. System Management Module
In the part of the personnel authority setting, there are currently three main different authority personnel. The system administrator Administrator sets the device access rights for each regional manager. The new area administrator deletes the graphic control module graphic structure and the regional manager. The function. Regional Manager LocalAdmin. New Add User Group Settings Device User Group and Function Privilege Query Display Mode Real-time Image Remote Control Image device parameter setting and other permissions. The general management user only defines the functions specified by the area manager, but can specify the split screen rotation order.
2. Graphic control editing module
In the aspect of the graphic control editing module, the system provides a graphic architecture to establish the function of setting the device setting and setting the device parameter setting.
3. Video data management module
The biggest difference between the all-digital security monitoring system and the traditional analog monitoring system lies in the way of collecting and storing information data. The all-digital security monitoring system can be divided into two basic modes: scheduled recording and alarm recording. Let the system achieve maximum safety and economic benefits.
4. Image display module
In the image screen display module, the monitor display can be divided into 4 segments, 12 segments, 16 segments, and a single screen. The live image data shows normal images as well as alarm images. Different from traditional query methods, historical data query can be queried according to date and time events, and program playback supports pause and fast forward.

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