Harm of poor quality security power supply


The current security market is increasingly fierce, and price wars have become the most important means of competition. Some bad businesses cut corners and used fake and inferior products to deceive consumers. This situation also appears in the security monitoring power supply market.
Common inferior security monitoring power supplies, one is made from recycled waste electronic components, and the other is cut corners on the materials.
The main hazards of these inferior security monitoring power supplies include the following

1 Power virtual standard This is the most common phenomenon. Home wireless monitoring Currently, many security monitoring power supplies marked with 2A on the market, the actual output is only about 1A or even lower! Some security monitoring power supplies use inferior components or disassembled components and other unqualified components, after a period of use, the output power is significantly reduced! Effect on the camera The image of the camera produces jitter. There is no color or no image, and the night vision is not good. Serious, even unable to start the camera. At this time, the actual output value of the power supply can be found by measuring the voltage value current value at the power interface when the camera is loaded.

2 Insufficient protection measures Many inferior security monitoring power supplies, not designed according to the normal power supply, use overload over temperature protection design, and even save the fuse. Adverse effects cause the camera to be burned. In extreme cases, the power supply itself emits smoke or even catches fire.

3 The filter is not clean. The image interference is serious. At present, the price of the security monitoring power supply on the market is low and unreasonable. The line home wireless monitoring board basically has no common mode inductor or filter. Such profiteers can reduce costs and win profit margins. Adverse effects on monitoring effects Ripple interference appears on the monitor screen, especially in dark environments such as night ripples.

4 Input line Output line failed The input line of the power supply The line diameter of the output line is too thin, even using inferior materials such as ladle aluminum. Adverse effects The output power is insufficient after a period of use. The cable jacket is cracked, especially in winter. The input and output cables are broken. Affects the normal operation of the surveillance camera.

5 power supply housing with poor quality plastic
The power supply enclosure is an important protection for the power supply to prevent external power from damaging the power supply or causing electric shock. Some unscrupulous merchants produce cheap and inferior plastic casings for security monitoring. After a long period of use or in an outdoor environment, discoloration of the casing may occur. Hazard If the power supply enters the water, it will damage the power supply, and then burn out the surveillance camera, even causing electric shock and personal injury.

There are various potential unnecessary risk failures when using inferior power supplies. Some inferior power supplies have no obvious problems in the early stage of use, but they are prone to various failures after a period of use, causing the above-mentioned damage to the monitoring system, causing unnecessary economic loss or reputation loss to the purchaser. Even if some unscrupulous merchants provide warranty replacement service, their warranty service is limited to the power supply, and there is no liability for the economic loss caused by poor quality power supply, such as burning the surveillance camera. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase your security monitoring power supply, you must keep your eyes open, do not be fooled by the home wireless monitoring, you must see the quality of the circuit design of the security monitoring power supply.

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