Video surveillance deployment in the city


Washington also launched the city video surveillance system, which is known as the Eye of Urban Wisdom, including 250,000 video probes. The first category of 5,000 city-level monitoring points has a total investment of 298 million yuan. The most eye-catching action last year was undoubtedly the Ping An Chongqing project. According to several media reports, the project plans to install 500,000 cameras in the entire city of Chongqing, with a total investment of 7.7 billion yuan.

In addition to the Safe City project, many other mandatory standards issued by the state and local governments have also increased market demand. For example, in 2006, the State Council promulgated the implementation of regulations for the management of entertainment venues, requiring the installation of video surveillance facilities in national song and dance entertainment venues. In 2008, Shanghai issued local standards requiring 24-hour convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, department stores, and gas stations to install video surveillance systems. In addition, strong technology police, transportation management will also increase the demand for video surveillance.

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