Security market deployment in various areas


Security market military project has a high price trend

For the industrial application of the security market, transportation finance is a high-end field, and campus chain stores are in the grassroots field. Whether it is a high-end field or a grassroots market, for security companies, they value market value, and perhaps profit in these projects. Not much, but the reason for the conversion from quantitative change to qualitative change seems to be no one does not understand. For the safe city project, the competition is not only the product, but also the project service, and its added value will be amazing.

The occurrence of the campus massacre in 2010 made the campus security system a key deployment project in all regions of the country. Since 2011, the national first-tier city security construction project has taken shape, so since then the second and third-line safe city construction projects have begun. . According to industry sources, at present, domestic first-line security companies have already moved to second- and third-tier cities; deeper domestically underdeveloped areas, and the construction of safe cities and even villages has been the goal of many security companies in the future. Obviously, a series of government projects such as Safe City have become an important development goal of security companies.

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