Precautions when designing a factory monitoring system


The first thing we consider is whether the factory monitoring is partial coverage or full coverage or distributed coverage. Then the camera needs to monitor the extent of the range. We need to monitor the extent of camera coverage to determine what type of camera to use. It is best to use the factory area plan to design the camera installation sketch to analyze which surveillance cameras need to be installed and how many cameras are needed.

???In general, we monitor a wide range of factory monitoring. The dome camera is ideal for wide-area surveillance because it can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally, rotated 90 degrees up and down, and supports optical magnification of details. Secondly, a high-definition panoramic camera can be used, and the panoramic camera can realize 360-degree video monitoring without dead zone and support digital rotary amplification. A panoramic camera can replace up to four traditional surveillance cameras. This means that users can build a network video surveillance system with a smaller number of cameras while effectively reducing costs.
????Of course, some only need a small area to cover, then in contrast, small-scale monitoring only needs to use a normal surveillance camera. Of course, depending on the scope of monitoring, the network used is different. Most video surveillance uses a local area network LAN, while a large video surveillance system uses a wide area network WAN.

Does the camera have to be concealed or as visible and deterrent?

????The location of the installation, as well as the scope of the monitoring, will determine whether to use a normal or hidden surveillance camera. Ordinary gun cameras are usually larger in size and most conspicuous after installation. They can remind people that the area is monitored by video and shocks criminals, reducing the chance of theft. Hemispherical cameras are the best choice for concealed installations because hemispherical cameras are usually designed in a small size so that they are only palm-sized. Finally, the cloud billiard camera PTZ is suitable for large-scale monitoring, especially suitable for office buildings, shopping centers, parking lots, etc.
Is there a need for voice monitoring?

???The integrated audio is collected into the video surveillance system so that security personnel can conduct voice intercom with the suspect and perform sound monitoring. In terms of video surveillance, a separate sound detection function can also be implemented, which can trigger recording or alarm. For voice monitoring, the front-end camera must use a camera with a built-in microphone and speaker, or a camera with an audio input and output interface. The backend recorder or client must also have a microphone and speaker.

What are the lighting conditions for the monitoring system?

????Of course, if conditions permit, it is best to use the camera to work best under existing lighting conditions. The light received indoors and outdoors at different times of the day is not the same, not to mention the changes in each season of the year. It is important to think about where the light will come from. For example, will light be reflected from the floor, is there a strong background light source and glare? For some environments, such as bars, discos, flashing lights will play a role in monitoring.

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