Security channel operators are increasingly competitive


Security industry channel operators are increasingly operating pressure and profits are getting thinner, especially for products such as security cameras. This is an indisputable objective fact. Compared with the profit reduction of many types of security products manufacturers including security cameras, the interest space of middle traders is falling faster. The channel operator’s operating profit of the early agent import products can reach 50% or even more. In recent years, it has quickly dropped to 10% or even lower. Sometimes it is necessary to rely on the completion of sales indicators to return points before they can make profits. The OEM ODM consignors of local products, even if they stick to their own brands to block the market trend of price transparency, are slowly moving closer to 20% or even 10% of the profit margin, which is related to those of the early local products. Compared with the profit of about 50% of the channel dealers, it is also a big difference. The same type of situation occurs in the dealer groups of various regional markets. It is common for many channel operators to concurrently operate projects or produce products at the same time.

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