Changes in security platform products


At present, there are many R&D manufacturers in the security integrated platform, and the performance and industry applicability are also different. In order to meet the market demand, the performance test of the platform products of the domestic test vendors is carried out every year. From the test, it can be seen that the whole year There are new improvements, like other security products. After the market baptism, the platform products have shown more and more mature, and their specific performances are as follows:

Intelligent analysis is fully introduced
In addition to real-time monitoring and video retrieval and integration with other subsystems, the platform should also have deep mining applications of platform data, such as the cross-border of the human body tracking trajectory, and intelligent analysis efficiency and accuracy. related. From the test point of view, the intelligent analysis of the platform is done in a separate server, and there is also an embedded analysis device specially arranged at the front end. Intelligent analysis rules are like personnel gathering, mixing lines, human face, remnants, 聚集 gathering, personnel proximity detection, etc., and also for the industry, such as wearing masks, mask detection, voyeur alarms, keyboard area detection, banknote area detection, strip area detection and other functions.

Comprehensive security is getting better and better
Now the integrated platform can support SD in a very smooth manner; HD video alarm access, access control, intercom linkage, patrol, SMS, GIS, GPS and other multi-service applications. Especially for the alarm access, some platforms can design the alarm processing flow, realize the alarm storage linkage when the alarm occurs, the upper wall LED screen displays the sound and light linkage automatic voice prompt electronic map display SMS prompts and other diversified linkage police measures, in order to facilitate the police The platform can classify and classify the alarms, thereby improving the efficiency of the police. Another example is the GIS GPS application. The platform can use multi-level map layers to view from the global to the specific environment, and can quickly locate the vehicle trajectory based on 3G and GPS positioning systems. Today’s platform vendors can generally access the video alarm access control patrol and other equipment of the mainstream manufacturers in the industry, and the compatibility has been done better.
Choose mature and stable networking architecture

It determines the success and maturity of the platform. From the test, the mainstream platform components can be roughly divided into the data layer management layer and the media layer, and there are vendors or also called the application layer platform layer device layer. The platform can build multi-level cascades according to the actual needs of the project, including front-end monitoring points, video alarms, etc. Access to the sub-control management center and the main control center, which can form a multi-level cascade platform. The platform consists of multiple server modules, and modules can be dynamically selected based on access capacity and required functions to customize the client system with the most reasonable architecture. The server module generally has a central management server, a streaming media server, an alarm server, a video wall server, a database server, a storage server, a network management server, and the like, and different vendors have slight differences. It should be said that the mature and stable networking architecture is the first choice for mainstream manufacturers.

Deep cut into industry applications
Another significant feature that can be seen from the test is that it is based on basic functions and customized industry-specific platform systems to achieve deep penetration into the industry. One of the special needs is Dahua’s DSS F financial security comprehensive platform, which is designed for banks. It is especially suitable for ATM ATMs and business outlets of banks. For this purpose, a platform management strategy with alarm management as the core is designed. In order to facilitate the system to be alert, the platform classifies and classifies the alarms, which greatly improves the efficiency of the police. It also has its own characteristics in the access control. When someone swipes the card, the access control host sends a door open request to the platform. The main interface of the background will pop up the name of the card information photo, and the corresponding real-time video is called up. The manager confirms that the card holder is holding After the card is used, the system can open the door through the interface control. Similar deep integration, the current platform manufacturers can do it technically, but some manufacturers have accumulated their rich industry experience.

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