What are the transmission methods of network surveillance cameras?


The transmission mode of the network surveillance camera, many security novices will not know, today to everyone to say what is the transmission mode of the network surveillance camera?

The first type is a network cable switch.
The super five network cable transmission network signal does not exceed 100 meters, 80 meters in the actual application is better, otherwise there will be packet loss, frame loss phenomenon, this is only used in the store or small areas of the home.
Second, the fiber switch.
Fiber optic transceivers are required when fiber optic cabling, then through fiber optic transceivers
To convert signals for long-distance transmission, this is used in larger projects.

Third, POE transmission.

The principle of poe power supply We have already talked a lot about it. You can look at other articles, which is the advantage of simple construction and relatively low cost.
The fourth, WiFi transmission.

This kind of wireless network surveillance camera does not require wiring, as long as there is a WiFi connection, you can use this home smart camera in the store at home.

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