Where should the kindergarten arrange security cameras?


The front camera of the kindergarten is uniformly connected to the school monitoring room, and the video monitoring system is monitored and recorded in the school monitoring room. The school monitoring room then transmits the video surveillance information to the radio and television monitoring center through the network, and the video is sent by the monitoring center. The user only needs to log in to the radio and television portal webpage, and then can open the monitoring video that he wants to know according to the page navigation reminder. Kindergarten involves monitoring places as follows

1 Classroom Children’s learning places, parents can understand the children’s learning situation, the garden can supervise the teacher’s teaching situation, and provide an important basis for the teaching evaluation class evaluation.

2 Lounge In the place where the child is resting, the parents can understand the rest of the child, and the garden can easily observe the child’s lunch break and respond in time;

3 Restaurant Where children eat, parents can understand the child’s diet and the health of the restaurant;

4 Activity room Children play Activities, parents can understand the daily situation of the child, the garden can easily observe the child’s activities for emergency treatment;

5 Garden Gates Children and teachers in the park can easily check if their parents have come to pick up their children and have security functions.

6 The wall is the focus of security. The surrounding walls of the kindergarten can be equipped with infrared radiation. The alarm interface connected to the network camera can record the video when the alarm occurs.

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