Video surveillance system features


The main feature of the video surveillance system in the security industry is that the amount of image information is huge, requiring sufficient storage space. Unlike other systems, video surveillance systems generally have multiple monitoring points, large video data streams, and long storage time of 7×24 hours.

The development of storage in the field of video surveillance is closely related to the development of video surveillance itself. Video surveillance has gone through three phases of analog digital networks, and applications stored in video surveillance have also experienced three phases of analog digital networks. With the increasing popularity of high-definition technology, the application of high-definition surveillance has placed new demands on monitoring storage products and technologies.

The main forms of storage in the video surveillance storage include the DVR NVR IPSAN, and if divided according to the transmission protocol, it can be divided into three types: file transfer protocol, data block transfer protocol, and streaming protocol. With the improvement of customer demand and the trend of technology development, the security industry’s storage applications have also derived a variety of models.

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