Camera clarity


At present, pinhole cameras and megapixel cameras are just a general term for HD network cameras in the industry. They refer to HD cameras with millions or more pixels, but the industry has not yet formed a coherent scale to define the relationship between megapixels and HD. The so-called megapixel refers to the number of effective pixels of a sensor applied to a network camera of more than one million. At the same time, the resolution of the live image output by the high-definition camera is at least 1280×720. Today’s mainstream 1.3 million pixels 2 million pixels, and even higher 5 million pixels are megapixel network cameras, the output image resolution is at least 720P or 1080P.

From the recognized standards of the current industry, the resolution of video screen reaches 720P for high definition is the most basic requirement. Even some places call it quasi-high definition. Because of the strict meaning, the resolution of 1280×720 has not reached 100. CMOS. The true HD image, which is usually recognized, requires a video frame resolution of 1920×1080, which is commonly called 1080P.

From the above-mentioned video screen discrimination rate, the video image supplied by the megapixel HD camera is not comparable to the traditional imitative camera period. The improvement of the sharpness and the expansion of the image field of view are the most convex. The advantage.

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