What kind of role can the hospital’s security monitoring system play?


What function does the hospital have to install the security surveillance camera to make the entire system?
The central control room can monitor the screen all the way, with digital video and alarm event recording, and with the adjustment of the frame number, the actual situation of the scene is converted to digital image data retention, and the video is continuously cycled.
Activate the alarm recording with the space camera, fast and accurate. It is convenient and quick to query through the database in the future.
The open architecture design allows for continuous expansion of monitoring equipment and integration of different subsystems to further secure property equipment.
The system management is convenient. The system not only improves the security monitoring of each monitoring point in the community, but also improves the management level of the modernization technology of the community, saves manpower and material resources, and provides advanced management tools and basis for the community management department to control the security. The networking mode of the system is simple. Each video collection point can run independently, with little influence on each other and easy maintenance.
The system investment is reasonable, the equipment selected by the system has excellent performance, reasonable price and low repair rate. On the basis of meeting the practical needs of the system, the project cost is reduced as much as possible.

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