Some problems with security camera alarms


Although there are already more than 1,000 police centers in China, the police are still mainly based on the security system of the public security system. Currently, they only serve a few high-end users such as the financial industry. The reasons for this are the bottlenecks that restrict the development of China’s alarm service industry.

1 People’s true security awareness has not been universally strengthened. Although social security has always had unstable factors, the security awareness has not been really strengthened, and relying solely on the traditional alarm mode still occupies a high position.

2 The price is generally high, and the price gradient is not enough, resulting in a narrow user. At present, the initial installation price of domestic alarms is about 2,000 yuan, and the operating service fee ranges from 100 yuan to 200 yuan per month. Most users cannot accept such prices; although the initial installation fees are lower in some places, However, the service fee is astonishingly high, reaching more than 200 yuan per month. Such a price gradient is not enough to meet the needs of consumers at all levels in China, resulting in a narrow user scale and difficulty in forming economies of scale.

3 The construction mode of the police center is single, mostly self-raised, resulting in construction lag and insufficient density. At the same time, it also causes insufficient service police force, service lag, and relatively slow police.

4 After-sales service and system maintenance are not in place. Due to the lack of close cooperation between large enterprises and manufacturers, the daily inspection and maintenance of the system are difficult to achieve, causing users’ concerns and reducing attractiveness.

5 There is no scale effect and brand effect. Developed countries such as the United States and Japan have at least one or two large-scale well-known enterprises. They have a large user base, which has created good social and economic benefits. The commercial operation is very mature.

6 The service method is single, only the machine is connected to the network, and the flexibility is not enough.

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