Security market challenges and opportunities


The security surveillance market has developed to the present day, and a large number of intelligent security devices are accepted by ordinary users, and the market is growing. Whether it is for surveillance camera manufacturers or engineering companies, it is a challenge and opportunity.

In this case, if the details of the wiring in the daily j monitoring installation process have to be noticed by the major users.

The following is a summary of some of the details of the monitoring and installation wiring for everyone to review, for your reference.

First, use appropriate monitoring wires and equipment.

When choosing a surveillance camera, you need to consider what wires and equipment you need. If it is a network camera, consider whether to use POE switch power supply or transformer power supply. The switch needs several layers. Whether the main line needs to use fiber or not depends on the actual situation. When selecting a power supply lead, select a voltage that is slightly larger than the line energized voltage line. Advantages In the case of voltage instability, it can ensure the normal operation of the connection line, and will not burn the line.

POE switch


Before installing the wiring, observe that there is no disturbing magnetic field around the perimeter.

Before wiring, you need to observe the wiring on the line to see if there is any equipment that interferes with the magnetic field. If the transformer is the same, you must keep the distance or detour similar to the high-power wire. This ensures monitoring of the installed image quality.

Monitoring installation


The third and second lines should be strictly protected.

The two lines here are the power line and the signal line. During the wiring process, a protective cover should be added to the two lines to prevent the camera from malfunctioning due to human damage.

Fourth, try to avoid disconnection before the surveillance camera is installed. Familiarity with the installation environment of the surveillance camera is an essential task. This includes familiar wiring distances, wiring environments, and more.

In general, the wiring of the camera is preferably done independently with a single wire. Unless the line is really inadequate, then the protection and reinforcement measures at the wiring station should be improved. In order to avoid the aging problem, the equipment can not be used normally, and it also brings hidden dangers to the surrounding environment.


In addition to the above mentioned aspects, also pay attention to the wiring process, do not let the wire negative force, do not let the cable too redundant or too tight. In addition, in the selection of the wire trough, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cross-sectional area of ??the trough to leave a surplus of 40% for expansion, and the cross-sectional area of ??the super-type 5 twisted pair is 0.3 square centimeter and the like.

Summary Only in the monitoring and installation process, without paying attention to the details, can we get more convenience in the future use, and have higher quality imaging level. Of course, it is more important to choose the features on the wiring.

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