Different components of the monitoring system


In the monitoring system, there are different options depending on different monitoring needs. Such as campus monitoring, import and export corridor corridor installation HD network camera; installation of 360-degree rotating camera on the campus perimeter and playground, to achieve no dead angle monitoring; installation of dome cameras in the classroom and laboratory to achieve large-angle monitoring. Front-end back-end applications have their own advantages.

Front end part

The front end completes the shooting of analog video, the generation of detector alarm signals, the control of the PTZ guard, and the alarm output. Mainly includes camera, electric zoom lens, outdoor infrared detector, dual monitor, temperature and humidity sensor, pan/tilt, shield, decoder, BSV LCD splicing screen, digital scanner, police light, siren, etc. The device usage is configured according to the actual needs of users.

The camera uses the built-in CCD and auxiliary circuit to take the scene into an analog video electrical signal and transmit it via a coaxial cable. The motorized zoom lens zooms in and out of the scene and achieves optical adjustments such as aperture focusing. The temperature and humidity sensor detects the temperature and humidity in the environment to ensure a good internal physical environment. The PTZ hood provides a suitable working environment for the camera and lens, and horizontal and vertical adjustment of the shooting angle. The decoder is the core device of the PTZ lens control, which enables software to control the lens pan/tilt using the microcomputer interface.

Factory monitoring

Transmission part

The transmission part described here is mainly composed of a coaxial cable. The transmission part requires real-time transmission of images recorded by the front-end camera, and requires transmission with small loss and reliable transmission quality, and the image can be clearly restored and displayed in the recording control center.

Control section

This part is the core of the security monitoring system. It completes the digital acquisition of analog video surveillance signals. MPEG 1 compression monitors data recording and retrieval of hard disk recording and other functions. Its core unit is the acquisition compression unit, which has channel reliability and processing power. The convenience of video retrieval directly affects the performance of the entire system. The control part is a key part of the linkage between alarm and video recording.

TV wall display section

This section performs real-time monitoring of signal display and playback and retrieval of recorded content on the system display or monitor screen. The system supports multi-picture playback, simultaneous recording of all channels, system alarm screen sound prompts and other functions. It is compatible with the unobstructed monitoring functions of the traditional TV surveillance wall, and greatly reduces the work intensity of the duty guards and improves the reliability of security defense. The terminal display section actually completed another important job – control. This kind of control includes camera pan/tilt lens control, alarm control, alarm notification, automatic manual arming, anti-theft lighting control and other functions. The user’s work only needs to click the mouse on the system desktop.

Burglar alarm section

Install an active infrared probe at the important entrance and exit stairs, and deploy the alarm host in the monitoring room of the monitoring center duty room. Once someone enters somewhere, the probe will automatically sense, trigger the alarm, the host will display the alarm part, and the corresponding searchlight will be linked. And the camera, and automatically switch to the alarm camera screen on the host computer, the alarm center monitoring computer pops up the electronic map and makes an alarm record, prompting the on-duty personnel to handle, greatly strengthening the security.

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