What are the development directions of security camera product performance?


Low illumination In some cases where the ambient light is insufficient or infrared light is strictly prohibited, the infrared light is required to increase the night light due to insufficient external light, so the network intelligent high speed ball needs good low illumination performance. Therefore, this type of network intelligent high-speed ball must use high-sensitivity and low-illuminance sensor and enhance 2D 3D noise reduction technology to output high-definition and noise-free images in low-light;
?????Wide dynamic monitoring screen with large contrast of light, ordinary network intelligent high-speed ball can not achieve ideal monitoring, and network intelligent high-speed ball with wide dynamic function uses a wide dynamic performance sensor, and enhances the back-end DSP Wide dynamic processing technology, such problems will be solved;
?????The optical zoom factor is clearer and farther away. It is also an urgent demand from current users. At present, most of the network intelligent high-speed ball is 18x or 20x optical zoom, and the later 28x 36x high-magnification zoom is inevitably developed by various manufacturers. Focus
?????User experience network intelligent high-speed ball has a variety of application functions, these features require users to have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the product and a certain technical foundation, otherwise these features will lose their meaning, simple operation, good The user experience can fully reflect the advantages of the network intelligent high-speed ball.

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