Security monitoring has an important impact on people’s lives


It is undeniable that 120 is an indispensable hotline for people’s lives. However, as a lifeline for citizens, they often encounter obstacles. January 20 is China’s 120 first aid publicity day. On the afternoon of the 20th, at the Los Angeles Central Bookstore North Square, the Los Angeles Health and Family Commission City Emergency Center held a large-scale public welfare campaign with the theme of 120 citizens’ first life support line. The reporter learned from the event that during this year, surveillance cameras will be installed inside and outside the ambulance. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Emergency Center introduced that although Shenzhen has long stipulated that driving does not evade the implementation of emergency missions, special vehicles should be punished. However, because the ambulance has not been equipped with surveillance cameras, it is difficult to obtain evidence. In addition, several incidents of emergency doctors in ambulances were reported in Shenzhen last year, and there was no video in the car that could not be obtained.

If the social car does not avoid the ambulance that is performing the emergency task, the emergency personnel can report the non-avoiding vehicle, and the video captured by the surveillance camera installed in the ambulance can be used as evidence of punishment.

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