Security cameras enter the social barriers


Although the security camera has developed rapidly in the past two years, due to its technical difficulties and high cost, the current application scope is still very limited, mainly concentrated in the high-input market of Ping An City Finance.

????High definition picture, low bit stream
????The most intuitive feeling that HD security cameras bring to users is high definition. At present, the definition of high-definition security cameras is mainly 720P and 1080P. It is easy to imagine that in the future monitoring application requirements, users will put forward higher requirements for clarity, such as the need to use 3 million 5 megapixel high-definition network high-speed ball in some special occasions. As the clarity improves, we also face many technical challenges. The first is the encoding algorithm at high resolution, the lower code stream, and the lower bandwidth is closely watched by users. High-definition picture resolution will inevitably lead to real-time monitoring of higher code stream transmission, which undoubtedly brings high cost to the network bandwidth and storage end, which users do not want to see. Therefore, in the subsequent development, we should make higher requirements in video coding technology. In the case of improved resolution, the code stream needs to be effectively controlled, even lower than the current resolution, the latest video coding. Technology will also be introduced into the field of video surveillance, such as the current H.265 encoding algorithm, and many manufacturers have begun to study the productization of this new algorithm.
????Enrich product diversification and improve product performance
Security cameras have encountered many problems in the specific promotion and application process. The user’s on-site environment is often complex and diverse, such as insufficient ambient illumination. The background light is bright and dark. The on-site operators have weak technical skills. These problems are urgently demanding that our manufacturers enrich product diversification and improve product performance.
Image analysis intelligent product access standardization
????With the universal application of the network intelligent high-speed ball, users’ expectations for their intelligence will be more and more intense. Intelligent tracking Face recognition Perimeter intrusion Traffic statistics and other video intelligent analysis algorithms are a major trend in the development of network intelligent high-speed ball. Users hope that these intelligent analysis algorithms can be directly embedded in the front-end to meet the intelligent applications in different industries and environments.

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