Security camera installation problems


Difficult 1. The outside is a marble wall, you need to drill with an electric drill, use a plastic bayonet to fix the hole!
2. It takes a lot of time for the cable to pass from the outside to the inside. Finally, peel the cable from the inside, pull out the four wires, and then put the original pipe on the outside to solve it!
3. This network cable uses a pvc card slot to walk from the curtain rod.
The second and third cameras are mounted together.
Difficulty The two wires are not easy to walk. The two wires go from the ceiling of the ceiling wall, and the two power supplies are also placed inside! The two lines use the pvc card slot!
The fourth is the camera facing the checkout counter.
This line and the first three together go from a card slot
After the camera is installed, make the four heads into a crystal head, install the hard disk recorder, then connect to the recorder, and then prepare a network cable to connect to the network!
The cable is ready to connect to the phone, and the phone can be monitored in real time!
Connect the display and the host, plug in the crystal head, search the screen, and get it!
Debug the camera orientation as required!

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