Rapid development of monitoring equipment


The booming development of the US real estate industry has promoted the application of security products. Most of the newly built communities are equipped with monitoring and alarm devices. Some homes have installed images and alarm signals that can be uploaded to mobile phones or computers at the same time. Basically there is a need to install these devices, and each owner wants better security measures to protect themselves. There are also some small and medium-sized enterprises that have rapidly increased their demand for security. There are many requirements for security products. For example, if a business owner wants to install monitoring, the first thing to ask is whether he can see the production situation of the enterprise in the field. Hidden dangers, etc., but also require intercom and other functions, in order to respond in a timely manner, properly handle related issues.

Although compared with the steady growth of the professional security market such as Ping An City Bank Transportation Real Estate, the output value of the civil security market in the primary and secondary schools is still small. However, as the civilian security market of small and medium-sized shops and factories has gradually formed from scratch in recent years, and has achieved rapid development, US Telecom’s former US Netcom has launched network video surveillance services for small and medium-sized users respectively. The global eye “” and “” wide vision”, and Hikvision Zhejiang Dahua Shenzhen Yellow River Digital and other video surveillance vendors have launched a network camera and related products for the mass market, coupled with the media’s in-depth publicity reports, I believe The civil security market will become a hot spot in the industry, and its business opportunities are naturally unlimited.

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