Points for attention in security monitoring


What are the differences and requirements for the round-trip switching of the digital video security monitoring system, and when do you need to configure the display of the switching display terminal?

1. Round robin switching A combined image composed of multiple screens on a single display terminal performs full screen switching. The monitoring target is regarded as the main by the patrol. The switching methods include manual round robin and automatic round robin.

2. Monitor switching On a single display terminal, no more than four screens are used to display the entire screen in a single or combined image with a 2K display terminal system resolution not lower than the B level. The monitoring target is mainly monitored. The switching methods include manual switching and automatic switching. The round robin switch is one of the monitoring switches.

3. Time interval Whether it is a round or a monitor switch, multiple or single screen dwell times should be between 5s and 30s.

4. Round patrol group The single display terminal wheel patrol group should not exceed 4 times.

5. Round robin synchronization When a multi-screen combined image is switched to the next multi-screen combined image, the combined image should be displayed synchronously, and the display time should be no more than 1 s.

6. Switch the display terminal display configuration occasions

According to the basic technical requirements and supplementary documents of the digital video security monitoring system, the local standard contains all the images displayed by a single display terminal, and the display terminal is required to be used for switching or fixed display requirements, and the digital video security monitoring system is connected. If the number of images is greater than 128, the minimum number of configurations shall comply with the provisions of Appendix 2 of the basic technical requirements for digital video security monitoring systems, and the display of the display terminal shall be configured.

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