HD topic for security monitoring


In the ever-changing security market and social needs, video surveillance can’t rely on the basic functions of picture monitoring to independently undertake complex application requirements. If you don’t add intelligent analysis elements, it is far from the human eye to identify suspicious signs. not enough. It takes a lot of manpower to stare at the dazzling TV wall. Therefore, under the premise of satisfying high-definition monitoring, the combination with intelligent analysis technology chip technology image sensor technology video compression technology communication technology is the inevitable path of video surveillance development. However, in order to realize the true intelligence of security, video surveillance and the selective and focused selection of these technologies can best meet the individual needs of the industry.

?The topic of high-definition has been in a state of high temperature since 2010. Due to the increasing market demand and the widening of market applications, the development of high-definition surveillance in the security market has entered a stage of in full swing. More and more manufacturers are launching high-definition products, and high-definition cameras, high-definition cameras, and high-definition cameras with millions of pixels are high-definition cameras. At the same time, more and more engineers are working in the project. The use of high-definition cameras, especially the promotion of safe city construction and the application of transportation finance, has promoted the rapid development of high-definition video surveillance. At the 11th Shanghai Anbo Fair, we can see that the trend of HD is obvious. After deep understanding, at the recent Shanghai Security Exhibition, the author clearly saw the most important development trend in the field of video surveillance. – HD and intelligent analysis combined.

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