Electronic police monitoring system


Electronic police customer service interference, the system has obvious advantages

????The electronic police system can overcome the disturbances such as changes in the environment of pedestrians and bicycles, thus realizing the supervision and detection of the driving behavior of motor vehicles, and has the functions of road condition image monitoring.

????The electronic police system has the following advantages. Advanced video detection technology and license plate recognition technology have greatly improved the technical content of the system and greatly reduced the system’s false positive rate and missed rate. The use of advanced virtual detection technology, without the need to break the way to embed sensor sensors and other equipment, reducing engineering investment. Not only the illegal vehicles are recorded, but also the names of illegal intersections, the time when the illegal red light is accurate to the second, etc., provide a rich information basis for law enforcement.

????The combination of panoramic view and close-up makes the captured information more complete. The panoramic picture can show the opposite red light signal. The vehicle does not pass the parking line. The panoramic vehicle crosses the parking line. The close-up picture can fully provide the vehicle number of the illegal vehicle. Colors, etc., provide sufficient evidence for law enforcement. Perform video message character overlay directly on the image. It guarantees the unification of pictures and character information, and it is difficult for internal personnel to manually tamper with and be convincing. The panoramic camera uses a high-performance color camera specially developed for traffic characteristics. The close-up camera uses a high-definition integrated color camera to provide high-quality illegal images and a wide shooting range. The system adopts high-definition image acquisition technology, and the image is clear and the color reproduction is good.

????Electronic police camera monitoring application matures

????The cameras used by the electronic police are mainly panoramic cameras and close-up cameras. The selection of cameras needs to be determined according to the actual application environment. First of all, we must consider two points. First, the performance of the camera. The performance of the camera is directly related to whether it can capture a clear picture under various conditions. Can you see the license plate at night, whether the color of the captured image is true or not, and meet the requirements for use.

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