Civilian direction for HD surveillance


In fact, high-definition surveillance and intelligent analysis video surveillance systems are not unfamiliar in the industry, but from this security exhibition, many security monitoring vendors not only bring new HD surveillance products, but also in the products. The intelligent identification analysis system has been added to make the entire monitoring system look so intelligent. In addition to surveillance cameras, large-screen external display devices have also taken high-definition and intelligent routes. Large-screen computer and monitoring side of the three swords to achieve remote monitoring High-definition surveillance has become possible, high-definition cameras in the financial transportation telemedicine industry and other fields have a wide range of applications. In addition to the widening of products and applications, new elements of the Internet of Things are added to the intelligent identification system. As we all know, the Internet of Things is mainly divided into three layers: the application layer, the network layer and the sensing layer. The sensing layer is most closely related to the intelligent identification technology. As Tianshi Yu said, the Internet of Things has the characteristics of high intelligence, precision and controllability. The intelligent security system not only makes up for its shortcomings, but also is a catalyst, which catalyzes the rapid development of intelligent security systems. In the future, the intelligent security system based on the Internet of Things technology will integrate technologies such as sensor intelligent image analysis, and can realize visualization and intelligent civilization in many industries. Driven by the wave of Internet of Things, the future intelligent security system will have a broader application prospect.

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