Camera installation details


The network camera is easy to install and use. The network camera only needs to have an IP address, network cable, switch, display, through the network storage device, you can watch the surveillance image through the monitor, or you can use the network cable or wireless to pass the computer IPAD, and the mobile phone can watch the online remotely through the network IP. Camera, the video signal of the camera is digitized and compressed by the chip, and then transmitted to the web server through the network bus, and the user can directly view the browser by logging in.

Some details of the network camera installation program

1 wiring problem

The first is the layout of the network camera installation. This is the same as our analog camera. The coverage of the camera is designed according to the area and the distribution of the building. Try to monitor the dead angle as much as possible. After determining the position, we will talk about the wiring problem. When wiring, we only need to treat each network camera as a computer to distribute the LAN. If we use standard network wiring to route, there will be no problem.

2 How to determine whether to use a 100M switch or a Gigabit switch

This is determined according to the number of network cameras and the code stream. The code stream of the 720P network camera is about 3M, the 960P is about 5M, and the 1080P is about 8M. If your switch is a 24-port one hundred-mega switch, Then the maximum number of 720P machines you have is 24, 24*3=72M. Generally, 80% of the data traffic used by the switch is already the limit. More than 24 720P machines are recommended to use 1000M switches and over 6 backbone cables.

3 Select the network cable

There is a trick to choose the network cable. No matter how good the network cable dealers blow, we must choose the network cable to be awake. This is related to the quality of the completion of the whole project. The general recommendation is to use the national standard super 5 pure copper wire for the 100M network cable. When the line is with a multimeter, the whole box of 300 meters, the single end of the wire end of the resistance, not more than 30 ohms, are considered good.

4 Network camera installation necessary tools and network detection

A good crimping pliers, ‘workers must first sharpen their tools’; a reliable line gauge is best to have a line finder; a good wire cutter, which can help a lot Busy, can help you to increase the success rate to 99%; network detection method, PING command under DOS is to be used; and IPCONFIG; Of course, do network camera project must bring notebook, change IP, change Network segment, check routing is indispensable to him. It is better to have a 3G 4G network card if you have the conditions. Now the smart phone can also be used as a hotspot on the Internet. When there is no way, you can go directly to the network with the manufacturer’s technology and let them assist remotely. It is best to have a notebook when installing and debugging a network DVR.

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