Security camera installation point of attention


1.Under the premise of the target range, the installation height: the installation height of the indoor camera is 2.5~4m, and the outdoor is 3.5~10m; the elevator car is installed at the top of the elevator, diagonally opposite the elevator manipulator And the optical axis of the camera is at an angle of 45 degrees to both walls and ceiling of the elevator.

2.After the cable is laid in place, turn on the power of the surveillance camera, see if there is any image, solve the problem, and then install the fixed surveillance camera.

3.If there is strong electricity in the environment, be careful that the camera installation should be insulated from the ground to avoid interference.

4.If the surveillance camera is not infrared integrated, try not to open the lens during the process of moving and installing the surveillance camera.

5.If necessary, take lightning protection measures when monitoring outdoor installations.

6.When installing the camera, be sure to be on a firm wall or place. It is only necessary to prevent the monitor picture from shaking after installation.

7.Debug the infrared light to be done at night. Adjust the position of the infrared light illumination through the display at night.

8.The cable should be left from the surveillance camera to leave a margin of about 1m to not affect the rotation of the surveillance camera.

9.Infrared integrated camera, try to avoid direct light source, because the infrared light power control is based on the photosensitive resistor installed on the infrared light board to control whether the working power of the infrared light is turned on or not.

10.Infrared camera field should avoid all objects that absorb infrared light, such as all black objects, open spaces, water, etc. The infrared light of CCD camera is reflected on the object by infrared light to form an image on the lens of the CCD camera. Infrared light is absorbed or attenuated, which will weaken the effective illumination of the infrared lamp.

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